Pixi Brow Duo

I’m always on the hunt for a good brow product, I’ve tried creams, powders, pencils galore! But which really do the best job?

I have naturally thick, dark eyebrows. Ten years ago I would have been mocked, but thankfully trends change!

For this review, I’ve opted for the Pixi by Petra Eyebrow Duo. This includes a tinted fixing gel and slanted tip liner. I thought this colour was better suited to me that other brands, however I was surprised at how dark it was!

I prefer a more natural infil, and this was a little too bold for me. But, the fixing gel did help to blend the product more evenly. It dries quickly and holds firm all day.

Pixi packaging is always so pretty, but bext time, I’ll opt for a lighter shade!

Retails at £12.50



  1. I recently tried the Pixi glow mask and the toner. Now I am intrigued to try the makeup items as well especially the new liquid lipsticks they have released. This brow duo looks great but I hardly use brow products. However this shade looks perfect for me haha! 🙂

    Via | http://glossnglitters.com


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