The Skinny Bakery

Founded in London in 2013 by Mariella Forte, The Skinny Bakery is a low fat, low calorie, low sugar baked goods company.

As a young girl, the skinny baker liked to watch her mother whip up a storm in the kitchen’ Using her Michelin star experience, she combined her love of sweet treats, with healthy eating.

Guilt free snacking, that’s really yummy! Now I love eating, however I do struggle to be healthy. But, the truth is, I need to do something about it. Like, seriously. How many diets fail because you’re depriving yourself of your cravings? This is where The Skinny Bakery comes in. I’ve begun meal prepping and now I’m armed with healthy snacks to keep me going in between.


I have a very sweet tooth! I took one bite of the Skinny Chocolate Pearls and suddenly the pot was empty… Ok, so this isn’t the healthiest option, but at only 208 for 85g, I didn’t feel too bad. What surprised me most, was when I read that the filling included 21% tofu, I was shocked that I liked it, in fact, couldn’t taste any difference. The sponge was so soft and moist – it was delicious.


Similarly, The Skinny Beetroot Pearls (169kcal) and The Skinny Carrot Pearls (194kcal) were also delightfully satisfying. I haven’t eaten beetroot since I was a child, but again, I wouldn’t have known this was an ingredient in the sponge. It was sweet and tasty, with a more soured yogurt filling. The Skinny Carrot Pearls contain a low fat yogurt and carrot quark filling. Each ‘pearl’ is between 34 and 42 calories and comes in an 85g tub, perfect for transportation. I did share the seconds two pots with friends and every single one of them loved them.


Next, was The Skinny Double Chocolate Meringue Cookies – or ‘Chocolate clouds’ as I like to call them! Soft and gooey with a crisp shell and dairy free recipe. These are only 28kcals each! My only complaint is that they’re addictive.


Penultimately, Skinny Choc & Orange Cookies contained real orange pieces in a dairy free recipe. The pack contained enough to share (approximately 5 pieces), if you wanted to and definitely enough to last for more than one sitting. They are 36kcals each and perfect for dipping into a hot cuppa. I must add that they are also suitable for vegetarians.

Finally, I was able to try the Skinny Mini Gingerbread Men. Again, dairy free and only 36kcals each, they included a mix of ginger and cinnamon to produce three men per pack. Each are decorated with white icing. They were soft and not overly baked, which I liked. However, for me, I’m not a lover of cinnamon and I felt this overpowered the ginger, but this is just personal preference.


I can hand on heart say that the lack of ‘usual’ ingredients wasn’t compromised by the healthier alternatives. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting this. Most health foods don’t taste like the food they’re duping, but I couldn’t taste that these were made with ingredients such as beetroot or 21% tofu! They tasted just as ‘naughty’ but knowing that they were low fat just made them that much more appealing! They’re all fresh and portioned in ‘grab and go’ packs. Most items contain between 30-40kcals and can be delivered to you door with next day delivery.

Next, I’m after the Skinny Mini Flapjacks! 20180404_1247184989490175089869451.jpg



  1. These cookies are perfect for people like me who crave sweet so much. I don’t deprive myself but I eat a small piece and feel satisfied. I have to avoid sweet things as diabetes has attacked my mum and my sister. Skinny bakery is doing good by making these healthy snacks. 🙂


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