Caudalie Foam Cleanser

On my quest to find the ultimate skin care regime for sensitive skin, I have discovered Caudalie’s Instant Foaming Cleanser. This is part of the new range of cleansers – Milk, Foam and Oil, depending upon your skin type.


The Instant Foam Cleanser is great for sensitive skin. It’s in a large sized bottle, with a pump lid. It’s sage and grape scented, which moisturises and purifies. Only one or two pumps are needed, so it lasts for ages! It turns into an airy foam for a gentle cleanse. I say gentle because it didn’t irritate my skin but it did remover my makeup, so the formula is effective for removing dirt and oils. It’s soap free to help the natural balance of the skin to restore radiance, softness and comfort. It’s suitable for multiple daily use because 98.7% of the ingredients are natural-origin. It really does smell lovely – not overpowering. It leaves your skin clean but not not tight. I love that it removes makeup without triggering my redness, it also includes chamomile to soothe the skin.

I’d say this is the best Caudalie product I’ve tried, yet again, this premium beauty brand has delivered a winner and for only £15. As always, they’re against animal testing.

Shop the range from Caudalie*

Plus you spend over £50 at Caudalie, you get a full sized ‘Gentle Buffing Cream’ with code SPRING18 or SCRUB18 (2.4.18 – 26.4.18)

The Gentle Buffing Cream includes grape oil and acacia honey to remove impurities and dead cells to reveal radiant and smooth skin. Apply once or twice a week to wet face.

*Affiliate link – all views are my own.



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