National Bed Month With Feather & Down

Did you know that March is national bed month?
I spend far too much time wishing I was napping, or in a blanket burrito with Netflix. But this month, this is encouraged! Well, getting a restful night’s sleep is high on everyone’s agenda, but how often do you actively prioritise this so that it actually happens? struggling to fall asleep or waking up multiple times a night? Then for just £7, I may have a solution for you.

With 1 in 5 people admitting that it takes them more than an hour to drift of to sleep and another 90% saying they still feel tired when they wake’

Ultimately, we would all like to wake up feeling refreshed and not needing a nap. So, allow me to introduce Feather & Down’s Luxury Pillow Spray. Combining lavender and chamomile essential oils to calm and soothe any anxiety. Thus, leading to a more relaxed approach to falling asleep. I sprayed two sprays onto my pillow, it wasn’t overpowering and allowed me to gently breathe in the scents. If you prefer an instant hit, just spray it a few more times! It’s cruelty free, free from parabens and sulphates and is only £7.00.

The product was also recently awarded ‘Best New Health & Wellbeing Product’ at the Beauty Awards with OK! Magazine, as voted for by readers.

Also in the range, is a matching balm, which can be rubbed into temples and onto the neck. Again, the fragrance isn’t too strong, but just subtle enough. It’s creamy, but absorbs quickly. The actual impact of massaging into your skin is particularly relaxing. Sometimes, I think we forget the small things.

But, my favourite product is the shower cream. Melting Shower Cream to be exact. It is divine, it literally melts into an oil leaving your skin soft and nourished. It’s £6.00 for 250ml, but if used just before bed, it’s totally worth it for how relaxed you’ll feel.

Self care is important and sleep matters! Make sure it’s a priority.



  1. These sound very interesting. I have never tried any pillow spray to let me sleep well because I fall asleep instantly. Even though I wake up very early in the morning I am relaxed. But if I try to be naughty by being awake late at night for the whole week I feel tired but sleep is never a problem. The moment I lay in bed I fall asleep. hehehe 🙂 lovely post sweetheart. I love your pictures.


  2. I bought this gorgeous gift set for my mum a couple of months ago. She finds it so difficult to drift off, lately though this has been helpful and once she finally gets to bed she has no problem drifting off. Thanks for sharing x

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