Lee Stafford Blow Dry Faster

I love having freshly washed hair, but I will do anything to avoid drying it! It just takes so long and never looks like it does in the salon.

This Lee Stafford Blow Dry Faster hair dryer promises to nourish your hair, whilst drying quicker than your regular dryer. It’s infused with Moroccan oil to help give a silky smooth finish. Intrigued? So was I. Especially as it had a powerful 2200W motor for £30. Other features include an extra rong 3m cord and a 60 day money back guarantee.

Once opened, I was really able to appreciate the metallic ruby red that makes this dryer really attractive! It has three heat settings and a cool blast. There are two speed settings and it comes with a concentrate nozzle attachment too.

I found that my hair did dry smoother and less ‘frizzy’ than with my regular dryer. I have naturally wavy hair, so it can be a pain to blow dry properly. However, I’m not sure that the speed of the blow dry was any quicker. But, perhaps as your hair gets healthier with the Moroccan oil, this will improve?

This product is really affordable and it looks great. It performs well with the multiple speed/heat settings and I like that it has the Moroccan oil infused. I will use this in place of my regular dryer and hope to see that it saves time, over time.


  1. Great to hear you can get a decent hair dryer for £30. My boyfriend bought me the Dyson hair dryer a few years back and at 10X the price I wasn’t blown away by it (excuse the pun). I have really long and thick hair and I did noticed it dries my hair quicker but it’s sooooo over priced!

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