Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara Review

Now I know this had mixed reviews, so if you’re not used to a fuller look you may find it too much.

The bottle is 8.5g and is a sleek matte black. It really is attractive.

The brush is thin, which is what first attracted me to it. I only use thin brushes as they get closest to the root. I’m a die hard fan of Maybelline’s Cats Eyes because it’s thin and curved to your eyeline. But, this masacra promises to lengthen, lift and last for 36 hours (more on that later).

I’m lucky to have naturally long, curly lashes, so I never have to use a curling tool anyway. But, because of the brush, you have to apply with a curl upwards – so it really emphasized the natural curl. One coat was enough – I can see how it goes clumpy otherwise. It has a ‘wet’ effect, as in, it’s not immediately dry on application. I suspect, this is how you build the length if needed. I did notice that it really made them pop, they really were emphasised and evenly fanned out. I love it! I do believe it’s added length and it’s definitely defined them.

But, let’s talk about that 36hour wear. This to me, isn’t a good thing. I take my makeup off daily, but this mascara would. not. budge. Makeup wipes removed a layer. Then, I applied my TooFaced melt away lashes – no joy. Finally, 3 cotton pads of Clinique’s eye makeup remover eventually did the job. My lashes were a little sore after and the process was quite long. I’d prefer 12hour wear otherwise I’ll be encouraged to sleep in my makeup more!

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However, I purchased this product myself and all views are my own.


After a weeks wear, I have noticed that this mascara has alot of excess product that collects under the eyes. I have to clean the area regularly otherwise I get panda eyes!


  1. When my L’Oréal ones ran out I think I may give this one a go see what all the hype is about. I had the they’re real one last year but wasn’t as good as some cheaper ones xx

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