Gladskin Skincare

The skin on your face is open to so many different chemicals, temperatures, pressures and bacteria. A healthy balance of bacteria is essential. Unfortunately, many people out there suffer with conditions such as eczema, acne and rosacea as a result of irritating bacteria.

Mireos is the Dutch company behind Gladskin. This is the only product that targets only the bad bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus-bacterium), including specific rosacea antibiotics. It’s an active product, but is suitable for daily use.

I have been testing the rosacea range. What I particularly like, is that it’s the only cream I’ve found that specifically helps reduce pustules. These happen when my rosacea is at its worst. They are embarassingly gross and traditional spot treatments can be too drying on the skin.

Gladskin have both a gel and a cream. The gel is advised if you have oily skin, or if you’re allergic to My ingredients in the cream. It is a clear consistency and absorbs immediately into your skin. There’s no leftover residue and it didn’t peel or sit on your skin. However, the cream is more suited for dry, sensitive skin, which is more for me. Also, the cream is to be kept in the fridge. It extends the life, but also provides a fantastic cooling, calming effect when applied to skin. All are fragrance and paraben free. They don’t contain antibiotics, but are a medical product. So read instructions carefully!

Used twice daily, on clean skin, I did notice a reduction in the redness over my two week trial. I think it’s because it is the only cream that has an active ingredient that works in seconds (Staphefekt™). Many strains of bacteria are resistant to antibiotics but Gladskin targets those too. I will be using this for atleast 6 weeks to gain the optimum results.

My only complaint, is that it doesn’t include an spf (UV rays are a trigger for rosacea). But, in some ways, this means they’re focusing on what they do best, to the highest standard and not diluting the product.

Bottles start at 15ml for £14.50 from Gladskin

Note, this is not a referral link or paid post. All views are my own.

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