Caudalie French Kiss

With Saint Valentine’s Day slowly creeping up, many of you may be stressing about what to get a loved one. Alternatively, you may be totally dismissing the day. But, if you’re like me, you simply give a nod to day and appreciate the cute things available to buy around this time of year. For example, the apply named;

Caudalie French Kiss

In shades Innocence, Seduction and Addiction.

Three shades, all beautiful. A simple, tinted lip balm that smells and tastes as thought it was straight from the grape vine!

Originally, I started with the lightest shade (Innocence). I was surprised at how sheer it was. It was smooth and moisturising, but left very little colour. Therefore, I stepped up to the medium shade (Seduction) and later darker (Addiction). All colours were equally moisturising and because they were sheer, I could use these daily. Here not in your face and they don’t stain you lips with colour. They’re perfectly sized for you handbag or travelling.

I like that they add just a hint of colour that my regular Chapstick can’t. Some of you may celebrate the holiday, but for the rest I say treat yourself!

Plus, with code LOVE18 You get free delivery!

Shop here

*I was gifted the products and use affiliate links, but all views are my own.



  1. These look so pretty and so good as gifts too. I have never tried anything from Caudalie as it is a little pricey brand, besides I have not seen it around much. 🙂


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