Anatomicals – We only want you for your body

Anatomicals is a quirky, unique brand full of goodness for your body! It’s cruelty free and paraben free. But, their definite USP is their approach to marketing and branding. Simply put, you could be the next Einstein, but they ‘Only want you for your body’. To effectively give your body a higher IQ by using their fun, innovative products. They certainly make similar brands look boring with their witty anecdotes.

If you haven’t yet discovered Anatomicals humour, let my introduce you to a few of their slogans;
‘It’s mean, it’s clean, it’s a germ killing machine’ Hand soap
‘You need a blooming shower’ Shower gel
‘Grease isn’t the word’ Face mask

I currently have the Never Lose Your Cherry SPF 15 lip gloss. But, Anatomicals kindly sent me the ‘Ta Ta To Ooh Aah Joint Muscle Rub’ and ‘The Sleek Shall Inherit The Earth Hair Conditioner’.

The muscle rub comes in a round, metal tin (approx £4.45). It contains natural joint soothing ingredients such as, black pepper and arnica montana. They help to increase circulation, sprains and general stiffness. Dissimilar to other joint soothing products, It has a quite peppery scent. But, the oils help to also soften and smooth skin. Avoid contact with eyes, but otherwise, use anywhere! I particularly found it helpful higher up on my temples.

The Sleek Shall Inherit The Earth hair conditioner (£5.34) contains cucumber and mint. On first use, I was a little disappointed that it didn’t instantly detangle or soften my hair. But, upon drying, it was evident that my hair was smoother, sleeker and softer. I have very fine, wavy hair and it wasn’t weighted down by the product, despite being noticeably more manageable.

I’d really like to try their facemasks as I’ve heard good things! I just love their fresh approach to the beauty market, their tongue in cheek manner really grabs the eye and attention of customers! They also ship internationally.


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