Rainbow Box Club

With so many UK subscription boxes sadly closing their doors, I thoroughly recommend you try this box from Rainbow Box Club. But be quick! They’re limited quantities! 

RBC are a lifestyle monthly subscription service (thought they’re now offering a ‘build your own box’ option). They don’t follow one product type of genre, that way, each month is a real surprise! But generally there are stationary, accesories, candles or edible goodies. 

Without a doubt, this was the best box I received during December

It was perfectly Christmassy and I loved Every. Single. Item. All were beautifully wrapped in tissue paper or bags and stickered with Christmas stickers.

Firstly, let’s start with the socks. Everyone loves socks right? But these were reindeer socks and were immediately worn to warm my toes! 

Next, each box contains a metal Christmas tree plaque, with the quote; ‘Have yourself a merry little Christmas.’ This hung perfectly on my wall by my desk, it was just the right size! Additionally, in keeping with the Christmas theme, were chocolate sprouts from In House Chocolates. And, they were delicious too! 

I couldn’t believe that there were four tealights from Simple Candle Co. London. One would have been generous enough! The Winter Berries smelt amazing and filled the room with scent for a good few hours. They’re soy wax, so parabin free. However, I can’t tell you the retail price as they were sample sizes (they could definitely market these though!). But, medium sized candles in the same scents, are £15 with 35 hours of burn time. The other three scents were ‘Christmas Pudding’, ‘Nutcracker’ and ‘Winter’. All are a mixture of spice, vanilla and traditional winter fragrances. 

I was able to light these whilst relaxing in the bath with the included bath bombs! A snowman and a star, both handmade. 

Again, what a treat to get more than one! They fizzed with a pink trail and filled my bath with a sweet scent. 

Surprisingly, this wasn’t all. There were a string of rose gold, starry fairy lights. I was able to string these above my mirror, perfect all year round. 

Finally, there were some cute labels to attach to your Christmas gifts.

A Rainbow Box Club subscription will cost you £14 (including pp). Alternatively, you can build your own box using past items! 



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