Naturally I have thick eyebrows, which nowadays are a blessing (10 years ago, they were the ultimate betrayal to the thin brow trend!) However, this also means they grow really quickly! I have to pluck, wax or thread weekly, which is not only annoying, but painful.
So, I introduce to you my life saver; HOLLYWOOD BROWZER. A quick, pain free, hair removal tool.

At a 45° angle, the blade softly takes away any fine hairs. It’s protected so that it doesn’t hurt or scratch the skin. It was honestly so quick, I couldn’t believe the results. I was able to completely shape my brows and catch every stray hair without over doing it. I also used it on my upper lip! Even though fair, that fine hair clings to my powder – well, no more!

I wouldn’t be adverse to trying it anywhere on my body to be fair, as it does state that it is multi functional (we all have those pesky toe hairs!) The leaflet states ‘virtually painless‘ but, I can honestly say I felt no pain. The blade was so gentle and didn’t irritate my sensitive skin.

My hair didn’t grow back thicker, which is a common myth and there’s a handy travel pouch for on the go.
Get yours from www.hollywoodbrowzer.com



  1. I’ve bushy eyebrows [YES! They were a curse a few years back but now is the time to flaunt them, haha :D] and this seems like a product that can be quite helpful. Loved the review! ❤

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  2. Interesting product! I, too, have always had thick eyebrows. As a teenager, Brooke Shields was my eyebrows hero because she helped me to embrace my thick eyebrows when everyone was going thin. 🙂 Great review! Thank you for sharing!


  3. […] After cleansing, use a dermaplaning blade from your jawline upwards. At a 45° angle, the blade softly takes away any fine hairs. It’s protected so that it doesn’t hurt or scratch the skin. It removes dead skin and excess hair anywhere on your face, including eyebrows, you can read more about that here. […]


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