Wonderland Makeup 

If you haven’t yet heard of, let me be the first to introduce to you; Wonderland Makeup. A simply wonderful new, British, cruelty free beauty range. 

I first came across them through Perrie Edwards (Little Mix) mermaid Halloween makeup. They really do have quite the range of products to create a wide variety of looks.

I was lucky enough to receive three of their products for review. Firstly, their Studio Finish Primer, a clear gel to help even skin texture prior to foundation. A Lash Lengthening Mascara and Wonderdust in shade Evergreen.

The primer has been used for many celebrity looks and I can see why. It’s relatively inexpensive and makes your skin an even, smooth canvas. It sinks into pores, so that your foundation doesn’t. Any left over product can feel a little oily on your hands, but it definitely doesn’t feel oily on your face. It also helps keep makeup in place for a little longer than usual. It has very little scent and is of course, cruelty free. 

The fibre building mascara comes with a curved wand. I only use, thin, curved mascaras as I feel they’re the only ones which can access the roots for a fuller look. So, I was very pleased when I opened this bottle. After a few coats, lashes appear fuller and somewhat longer. I’ve used similar products before, which have extended your lashes further, but have often left fibres loose and irritating my eyes throughout the day. The Wonderland mascara is a more gradual extension, but certainly doesn’t contain loose, stray fibres.

Finally, the Wonderdust pigment in Evergreen. This has such a lovely pearl shimmer to it! I needed such little product to cover my whole lid, it’s incredible. It lasted the entire day too (I used the primer on my lids first). I’ve also used it to create a more contoured design, where it blended so well with other colours. I’ll definitely be investing in this range, which by the way, has a diverse spectrum! 

Check out the products here:

 https://www.wonderlandmakeup.co.uk/pigment/ https://www.wonderlandmakeup.co.uk/primer/ https://www.wonderlandmakeup.co.uk/mascara/   

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