VeeBeautyLDN Eyelash and Brow Serum

Every day, we use so many chemicals on our skin, that we don’t even notice! VeeBeautyLDN aspires to use only natural ingredients, to encourage healthier, great hair and skin. In addition, they are cruelty free!
Vee kindly sent me their Lash and Brow Serum (currently retailing at £10.95). This product encourages hair to be thicker, stronger and healthier using only 5 natural oils. I used this for the recommended amount of one application, daily, for two weeks.

I can definitely say that my lashes were healthier. After daily use and removal of mascara, our lashes go through the motions. But, I noticed that less lashes were falling out on my makeup wipe. They were beginning to look thicker too, so I will be continuing to use this product daily as I know this will only improve further.

I hope that over time, they will also grow longer as they will be healthier! The oil wasn’t thick or strong smelling and applied with a simple mascara style brush applicator. However, it’s not suitable for nut allergy sufferers.

I loved this product and I’ll definitely be looking at their hair oils if they work as well as this serum!


One comment

  1. I learned about serums for brows and lashes recently. It is interesting to know that these things work, however I am scared that the product may go into my eyes and sting. 🙂 hence never tried.


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