Grace & Stella Co. Beauty Products  

Grace & Stella is an American Beauty range, new to the UK. From hair masks to baths salts, feet buffers to  Konjac sponges, they’re slowly increasing their range within the UK market. I was able to try three of their products, but I. Certain that I’ll be buying more. 

Gel Beads Eye Mask £9.95
Rightly marketed as THE BEST sleep mask, this hot and cold beaded mask is  a an absoluelte steal on Amazon as it’s usually £16.95. I was so excited for this to arrive! The beauty market is currently full of heated face masks.  But, they are only single use. I actually find them too hot for my skin too. So, when I saw that I could heat this for my own desired time, as many times as I wanted, I knew it would be good! I find that about 8 seconds warms it just nicely in the microwave. 

In addition, it can also be used cold or frozen. The gel beads are so versatile. They claim to help sinus problems  I and headaches! The cold compress definately helped when I began to feel a migraine coming on. I was able to pop it into the freezer for an hour and then place it upon my eyes, which helped apply a cool pressure. I was able to relax and calm the migraine affects, alongside the medicinal treatments. I also found that keeping it chilled in the fridge worked just great too. It has a soft side and a gel side, so it’s comfortable whatever temperature you choose.

Rescue My Hair Mask £9.95

This product smells amazing! It’s argan oil and vitamin c rich! The 300ml tub allows you to apply lavishly to your hair for 10-15 minutes. It has a cooling and calming effect which really does help to repair and renourish tired hair. I found that it also gave my hair an extra bounce when styling, it was shiny and smooth. I have fine, wavy hair, so this was a welcome treat. Worth the investment to get the large tub to allow you to use once or twice a week. 

Pink Electric Callus Remover £11.95

The  was a very simple to use beauty tool. It requires AA batteries, but only needs a simple switch to turn on or off. The handle is smooth and shaped perfectly for a comfortable grip. It removed dry and dead skin without pain!

The packaging isn’t the most sturdy, but it protects it enough for transit, not permanent storage. But, the pink design is cute and it comes with a handy clip on lid for storage. This helps to protect and keep it clean. Also, very handy when travelling.

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