My Little Box September Review

This month’s box collaborated with French fashion ‘Rouje’. 

Initially, I wasn’t going to review this box, but I couldn’t get it off my mind! The box was an ok design, it matched the themed. But, if you search around MLB social media, subscribers just aren’t happy. 

Firstly, shipment was around three weeks late! There was no email communication and only those who happened to scroll through comments on Instagram or check their Facebook page, saw that it wasn’t just their box. I personally feel that this is what got most people irate, a simple email to apologise would have been enough. But, they actually sent an email about how to use one of the Nuxe products in the box – before it had arrived. 

Luckily Nuxe is a great brand and the shimmer shower gel is actually really nice. I won’t use the oil, but atleast it’s a decent brand. I like to get lipsticks and of course to match the theme, it had to be red. However, I’ve had many of these red lipsticks from subscription boxes as of late. And so, I won’t be using it, but that’s my personal preference.

The issues that then followed, were that we were missing our fifth product, it just wasn’t there! 

MLB is one of the only subscription boxes that ask your clothing size. So, you’d think that they’d send a t-shirt in your size right? Wrong. It was a one size, thin, white t-shirt. I’d say it was a happy average of around a size medium, which would be fine if they didn’t know our profile. As a result, it didn’t fit me and to be honest, was too thin to wear anyway. 



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