If you haven’t tried a NOMADIC yogurt yet, you’ve been missing out. They have become a staple product in my breakfast meals. Infact, I’d go as far as to say I’m addicted! So, when NOMADIC said they wanted to send me some of their other products to try, I was ecstatic. 

I’ve received a Strawberry Cluster Pot (which contains oats and yoghurt), Chocolate Cluster Pot and Blueberry & Raisin Bircher Muesli. The latter is a first for me to try. I like the convenience of the brand, they come with a handy spoon and are regularly available in garages or ‘on the go’ counters in supermarkets. 

The Cluster Pots come with two sections, one with oats and dried fruit (or chocolate chunks!) And the other is a natural yoghurt which you pour into the lid, which becomes your bowl. I’m yet to find a nicer natural yoghurt. 

I’ve never tried lassi, but NOMADIC sent a series of flavours that I couldn’t not try them! Firstly, the classic Mango Lassi, it was a sweet, creamy consistency that really was just like drinking yoghurt. It was refreshing and felt healthy. 

I tested the other flavours with my family and friends, just incase I was biased! The Lychee, Passion Fruit and Strawberry and Pomegranate all went down well. Rave reviews all around! I like the fruity tastes and my brother even asked if his friends could try some! The only flavour I couldn’t bring myself to finish, was the Coconut. But then, I don’t even like coconut shampoos! So, this is probably down to my personal taste, not the brand.

Now, the children in my class have become accustomed to seeing me eating my Strawberry Cluster Pot (NOMADIC, is there a way I can buy in bulk?) So, they seemed very curious when I was eating my Blueberry & Raisin Bircher Muesli today!

It was definitely a different consistency to what I’m used to. But, I liked that they kept with the oats theme and provide a spoon inside. I hope to see these more regularly in the shops, as it kept me full all morning!

 I wasn’t paid to do this post and all views are genuinely my own! 





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