Glossy box UK September Review 

Pretty in pink, the signature box has returned. However, next month it looks as though their is another guest design- which I love!! 

This month’s box was great, I loved every product(*almost!). In particular the Kinder Bueno which was devoured before I could even photograph it! each subscriber received a silliblender sponge. I’ve tried and tried to use these sponges to apply my foundation, but I just can’t get used to them. They move it around, it takes longer to pat it about and the only positive I find is that they’re easy to clean. But, I seem to be a minority in the beauty industry that doesn’t like these.

However, I loved every other product! ANYTHING from Pixi Beauty is welcomed with open arms. A very photogenic range that you will see all over Instagram. But with good reason, this brow tamer last for ages! It’s the second of it’s kind that I’ve now owned. It’s a clear gel that helps fix stray lashes in place. 

Coincidentally, I had been searching online for a new product to target my redness, when I came across Cetaphil. Often fragrance free and kind to sensitive skin, Glossy box included a sample trio including a cleanser, moisturiser and lotion. Sadly, the redness products are currently only available in the states. But this is a good sign that they are increasing their UK market. 

I also liked the whitening toothpaste from Taylor’s  32. It’s an unusual flavour of mint and grapefruit. It does taste a little unusual, but you get used to it. I like that it’s natural ingredients, promising to return your teeth back to natural white. 

MonuSpa added a sensitive facial firming oil. I have a few products from this brand now and they are all different, which is good. Most oils I put to one side, but as this is for sensitive skin I thought I’d give it a go. It made my skin softer in the morning when I applied it the night before. But, I’m not sure my skin is the best for it to be applied each morning before makeup application. 

Sign up for a free bonus Spectrum fan brush and setting powder with your first box here: GlossyboxUK



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