Glossybox August review

This month’s box featured a guest design that deviates from their regular pink box. I really like this and hope that they continue to do this with future boxes.
Rodial popped in an exclusive ‘big apple’ lip pencil. I love this product! The shade is between a pink and plum colour and is a thick, crayon like consistency. However, once applied it has a matte, shade effect.

Next, a Sport fx fixing spray. I’ve been looking for one of these for awhile and I’ve really liked products from this brand before so I had high hopes! It disappoint either, it really held my makeup in place. I was surprised by it’s strong fragrance, but luckily, this didn’t last long.
A cheetah bronzer from Model Launcher really caught my eye. Although too dark for my skin complexion, the design is super cute and includes multiple shades to highlight, bronze and contour.

Valquer ice hair mask uses new techniques to heal and repair your hair through a cooling treatment. Applied like a regular conditioner, it does initially feel a little strange! But it works to conditioner your hair without leaving it heavy or weighted.

Another Batiste product – Batiste, I love you, but please stop including your products into every subscription box! Variety is the spice of life and all that. Because I use batiste daily anyway, I’d prefer to explore new products.

I am absolutely gutted that I didn’t receive the Essence palette. Its glittery and includes just beautiful shades! There’s something to be said for everyone getting the same items, because really, how personalised are these boxes? I hope I get it Ina future box as this is a brand I love, but don’t own enough of!

What was a nice little bonus, was that Glossybox included an additional item from Purelei. A cute aloha tie bracelet, which is nice to pop with a summer outfit.

Overall, a nice box, but it is a shame when you see better items in other people’s boxes.


  1. There is alot of choice! Depends if you want more makeup/lifestyle or skin care products! Birchbox and glossy box often have discount codes. Send me a message on IG/Twitter if you do decide to go for one, I’ve got some codes you can have 🙂


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