Noughty intensive care conditioner

Noughty 97% natural intensive care, leave in condition was put to the test this week! Firstly, I thought this was a regular conditioner (it clearly states leave in) so, when I applied and washed it out as per usual, it didn’t feel like it worked at all on my hair! It felt quite knotted and like I hadn’t applied conditioner at all. This is the point where I re-read the bottle! But actually, once my hair was dried, there was a noticeable shine that isn’t usually there.

The second time I used it, I dared to not use any conditioner in the shower at all, so to really test how effective it is. I have very fine, wavy hair, that dries and frizzed very easily. I applied to towel dried hair (as per instructions) and blow dried my hair as usual. This product left no weight, but it definitely conditioned and smoothed my hair! I love it!

I do feel that I personally need an in shower conditioner in addition, due to the frizzy nature of my hair, but if you have oily hair, I don’t think this would be necessary.

I was lucky enough to try this sample from CarnLIVal bloggers event, but I’ll definitely be repurchasing.


  1. I have never used a leave in conditioner. I use the hair masks that are intensive treatments for hair as my conditioner, as I feel the regular conditioner does nothing for my hair. 🙂 This sounds good.

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