My Little Box August

This has got to be the prettiest subscription box that I’ve ever received! Seriously, this African ‘wax’ print themed box came in a blue or red design.

As usual, the goods inside were packaged in accordance with the theme. Cute prints, paper bags and patterned envelopes. But sadly, the contents seemed to lack the same design. I feel that there was so much opportunity to include a patterned item such as a scarf, bag or even a simple pencil case. This is unusual for MLB, and the only reason I can fathom for this, is that they’ve delivered similar products in recent boxes.

However, they did include a rope style necklace, which is nice, but after the gorgeous printed packaging, I was left underwhelmed. Despite this, when I came back to the box the following day, I realised how good the contents actually were (if you ignore the theme).

A beautiful gold, triangular jewellery hanger was a lovely treat, that hasn’t been included in other boxes thus far. As usual, they included a product from their own ‘My Little Beauty’ range. This time, it was a pink, cream blush. It is very smooth and easy to apply.

BareMinerals provided a sample of their facial toner, longevity serum. This applies like a dream. It may have been coincidence, but my skin felt so smooth after applying. It felt like it tightened my skin too. This will become part of my daily skincare routine, which seems to be ever growing!! 

Sadly, my final product was another Batiste spray. These have been doing the rounds in subscription boxes lately. Although I will use it, it’s a product I already buy, so it wasn’t too exciting. Through Instagram, I’ve noticed some people received a micellar water or another lotion instead.

So, to conclude; at first I was underwhelmed by the the contents of this box as I wanted it to match the amazing print. However, on reflection, these items were actually pretty decent! I even upscaled the box to cover the wires on my desk and create a tissue box!



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