Hidden gems 

Recently, I discovered a great little business called SPARKYLE. They produce soaps and bath bombs which contain gemstones! 

With a goal of providing positive energy and healing properties, I was definitely intrigued by the hidden surprise. After some research of their website, I had my heart set upon the Sacral Chakra range. Each product is linked to a different chakra, and such, targets different needs. 

The svadisthana (sacral chakra) reportedly helped with anxiety, So I knew this was the one for me. 

Taken from their website; 

Neroli & Ylang Ylang.Cleansing for the Body. This energizing blend helps improve skin flexibility, elasticity & Regeneration. It supports natural collagen production, balances sebum & promotes a healthy glow. With soothing, anti-inflammatory properties making this a perfectly natural aid for muscular aches and pain.Cleansing the Soul.With its beautiful overall healing and calming abilities, this is a natural remedy for stress, depression, exhaustion & anxiety.

Doesn’t it just sound amazing? I also was lucky enough to try the matching soap in the Sacral range. 

Each product contained a Carnelian stone, which encourages positivity and motivation. Just having that little extra inside my bath bombs was a nice little boost! 

The bath bomb fizzed quite quickly, so I revealed my gemstone early on. But the smell did last throughout my bath. Unlike with other brands, I noticed the bath water was left oily. This was a plus in my mind as it really helped to moisturise my skin with the essential oils. It made me relax more, rather than using the bath as a means to an end to wash my hair! I loved the Ylang Ylang aroma, but I definitely now want to try their other chakra bombs to complete the package (they have seven day chakra packages available). 

I just love the images of the soaps with the gemstone inside, when held against the sun. Even the photos look calming! Both the soaps and bombs have the particular chakra symbol imprinted on the top, so they also look pretty on display in your bathroom! I’ve had alot of guests asking about the soap, because it just feels so nice to handle! The blend of Ylang Ylang and Neroli, promotes the natural production of collagen helping skin elasticity. 

 It’s made my skin lovely and soft and it doesn’t seem to be going down either! The impatient side of me hates this, as I want my stone! But, it just shows the quality of the soap, if it is lasting whilst doing a great job at cleansing and moisturising.  

The pair cost less than £10 or you can invest in the seven day chakra sets. That way, you can target each of your chakra, for a daily cleanse. 

Sacsacral soa


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