Little Known Box July review 

Two makeup products, new toiletries to try and a premium skin care product. This box rivals their birthday box in May. Dare I say, trump’s it! 

LKB have a lip liner from Odylique (full size RRP £12.50). These are the first lip pencils to be Fair trade certified, something which is a personal passion of mine. Where I can, I buy fair trade products, so I’m pleased this ethos is becoming in the beauty industry. It’s 100% natural ingredients, organic, cruelty free and suitable for vegetarians. The shade was a deep pink/nude. A perfect outline for a more natural lip, or to accentuate a blister colour. Honestly, this colour is perfectly versatile. I may have audibly yayed when I opened it! 

Similarly, the Cougar Beauty matte lipstick in Cocoa colour was a great nude but bold product. The matte look is effective for 24hours, however, unlike the Kylie glosses, this felt much nicer to wear. Seriously, this is the best dupe I’ve found. It smells nicer, feels nicer and easier to remove, despite its long lasting wear. I found Kylie to be so stubborn, that any wobble or leak was irreparable. Again, I loved this shade! Very current and suits everyone. A great, cruelty free, UK product. 

Next, Merci Handy included a face mist spray. I suffer in this heat due to my palette skin, so this spray has been a nice pick me up during the heat wave. I can also use it after a workout. It helps to refresh my skin and cool me down without ruining my makeup. 

I couldn’t seem to get the Zerreau waterless foam shampoo to work on my hair. Honestly, it felt much more greasy than before using it. But I wasn’t disheartened as this would have been a product I’d pick up to try anyway, but this time I got to do so for free. I didn’t know these kinds of products existed! It could be that it works better on thicker hair, due to the fine consistency of mine, it does need regular washing to keep it from sticking to my face… 

Finally, the Merumaya youth preservation moisturiser was a product I didn’t think I’d use. Simply because I have to use specialist moisturiser to combat redness.  However, upon close inspection I noticed that it includes an SPF 20. This for me was a game changer. I won’t leave the house without a facial SPF – even in winter. My rosasea just hates UVA/UVB, so any additional protection is great. It states to be good for all skin types, fighting dryness but also sebum-controlling for oily skins. Plus, it combats acne and minimises wrinkles! 

Conclusively, a great box where all of the products were fun to try and test. 

Get yours at Little Known Box Use code NEW10 for 10% off your first box!



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