Elegant touch stick on nails review 

Have you tried stick on nails? Have you found them to be effective? 

Due to time scales, I turned to Elegant Touch stick on nails in shade garnet to £5.95. The glue was supplied, as well as 24 nails in a lovely deep shade.

I must say, they were extremely easy to apply, once you’d adjusted the correct sized nails. Obviously, these vary per person. They were also very quick to fix and glue in place. They were comfortable to  wear too! However, I did notice that they seemed a little flimsy. But, with my taxi on the way, there was little I could do at this point. 

About 20 minutes into my night, my thumb nail completely bent in half and was out of shape! I then inspected my other nails, which had various dints in the tops! I know they were a cheap, quick fix, but I expected at least a couple of hours wear out of them. Gradually, all of the nails either bent or dinted to a point where I could rip the tops off. In fairness, the nails remained glued on until I wanted to pull them off – but the tips of the nails were awful and thin.

I won’t be buying these again. 


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  1. I have never tried stick on nails I feel they may not be comfortable or may feel weird I don’t know but once I bought nail stickers to try but it is still lying somewhere in my drawer hehehe.

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