Made by Coopers 

If you’re a subscription box addict like me, then you’ve come across Coopers Apothecary in one form or another. I was privileged to receive a Citrus Matcha bath salt blend (see Little Known Box April review). They smell divine, I’ve not experienced such a strong, intoxicating and envigorating bath salt before. It has to be smelt to be believed. I felt like I was in my own little spa! Just be sure to wash the petals out! 

As a result I went on to buy the three pack of travel sized bath salts for £10.00. they do themselves a disservice describing them as travel sized as their are multiple uses per packet. In keeping with the brand, eucalyptus rosemary and vanilla rose are just as incredible. 

Made by Coopers offer a range of aromatherapy sprays. I’ve had my eye on the sleep spray for awhile now. But sadly, I had to sacrifice this to buy the calming spray for one of my students! They have chosen to go down a homeopathic route of therapy for their ADHD, this spray helps him to create the correct mindframe for learning. I’m willing to give everything a try, especially if it meets the needs of the family and child. So thank you Coopers for offering this product! I may have used it myself too when relaxing with a good book! The aromatic tones of lavender and ylang ylang (to name just a couple) were very soothing.  I bought the travel size for £6.00.

The best part about this brand is that it’s all hand made and hand packaged (check out their Instagram feed for proof!). All ingredients are organic too! 

Made By Coopers Apothecary 


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