Leather & Thread 

If you haven’t yet come across this beautiful company then let me have the pleasure of introducing them to you. Leather & Thread are company who specialise in handmade leather goods. 

Originally inspired from old wallets collected from childhood haunts, their intricate nature told a story. I too share this interest, I like how each product is creased or stained in it’s own unique way. L&T took this passion for vegetable-tanned leather and crafted their own hand made treasures.

I use the word treasure specifically, because it truly did feel like I was opening my own, personalised paragon. Firstly, it was a deep mahogany colour, which was rich in tone, and naturally creased as expected with real leather. I was lucky enough to have my initials embossed on the back too! It has a small metal pin hold, which is surprisingly secure (I kept a few coins in it for the first few days and they were retained in their entirety). 

A full sized Signo Purse costs £44.00 or a smaller Signo Jewelry pouch costs £29.00 (embossing is a further £5.00).

The quality and attention to detail is quite clearly, paramount to this company. They’re unisex and universal, I have my eye on their Arum coin/jewelry tray next!



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