My Little Box July review 

Sunshine, sand and sea – this month’s box has them all!

A nautical theme designed to take away with you on holiday, or in my case, to imagine you’re on a beach somewhere far away when really you’re just in the bath!

Sadly, this box didn’t include any makeup items which I prefer. However, it did include an inflatable pillow which I’ve been looking for some time now. I like to read in the bath, but this pillow also carries items inside, so it’s versatile for a trip to the beach to sunbathe!

Each month, MLB include a product from their range – My Little Paris. During the summer months, I definitely exfoliate my legs more,  a so a sugar scrub is a great product for them to have included. It also has a sandy texture, which fits nicely with the theme.

A shell sugar sweet was a cute addition, I’ve not tried these before, but I liked that it was something I could immediately pick up and try.

I was really impressed to receive a garnier 3 in one, despite not having oily skin, I especially like to try new masks. This is a reputable brand and I already love their micellar water, so I have high hopes for this product.

Finally, a cute handcream in a rose scent. I have collected many hand creams over the past few months, so I’ll actually be giving this one to my mum to review. She uses them alot more than me and I know she’ll appreciate the French design. I like the tube it comes in, it definately helps when applying as you don’t have to squeeze or shake a bottle. Conveniently, the lid is shaped so that it can be rolled back on with your palm. When you’re just applied hand cream, your fingers are often too slippy to deal with fiddly lids, so this is a plus!

Buy your July box here


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