Betty Box June

Luckily, I won a June Betty Box at the #carnLIVal bloggers event. 

I was absolutely made up to win a subscription box I’m yet to try and this box didn’t disappoint. It is so attractive! Each parcel is divided up into ‘for yous’ ‘for nows’ and ‘for laters’. Of course, I opened them all at once! Ideally aimed at Tweens and Teens to aid their monthly cycle. But I’m 26 and I love it! 

For now and for later, A supply of monthly sanitary products including day, night and panty liners for every day of your cycle! For bows came in a discrete, striped, drawstring bag.

But, the ‘for you’ box, could be a box on its own! It’s was fabulous! A tradecraft Divine white chocolate bar. I’ve been eating these for years, but I’m pleased to see this ethically traded chocolate is reaching a wider market. The white chocolate bar is the best in the range too! Everyone woman needs chocolate right?!

There was an equally sweet handcream from Patisserie Dear Bain in caramel whip. Plus, a sweet cupcake themed bath bomb from Bomb Cosmetics In scent ‘Fields of Joy’ RRP £2.99. 

I haven’t yet come across phone charms from Tinkalink, but I love my new stick on moon! I think it goes well with my marble case don’t you? 

A lovely wax melt from scent circus was gladly received. This is a great brand and they make very creative melts in a range of scents! 

But, the creme de la creme was 100% the Eyeko skinny eyeliner. If you haven’t tried this liquid liner before, then you’ve been missing out. It is THE best liner around and I was just running out – perfect timing. It glides onto your lid, without mess and has a felt tip like appearance. Mistakes just don’t happen and flicks are on fleek! It RRPs at £16.00 and it’s worth every penny. A brilliant addition to any makeup bag – bravo Betty! 

Finally, a full size MUA (Make Up Academy) eyeshadow palette in Amour (RRP £5). The colours are so pretty, what a great design. I love this. I can feel and look good at all times of the month. 

Your first box is only £6.99 at BettyBox


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