Bettyhula Champagne and Spice review

It almost sounds like a Christmas number one! But I can assure you, this is a definately must have product for summer.

Bettyhula hand makes each moisturising shea butter body lotion. They are packaged in a luxurious frosted glass jar and promise honest, natural beauty. It has a pin up/Hawaiian theme and it almost seems a shame to open!

Despite being a all round skin type product, it does suggest it’s especially good for dry and sensitive skin. Additionally, it recommends use for ‘mums to be’, I assume this is due to the natural properties of Shea butter that have been known to help scars and stretch marks.

The smell is quite strong and more spice than champagne, but I like that it’s not your usually sweet fragrance. I must stress that this is a butter more than a lotion. So it is thicker in consistency. I love the size of this product too, it’s a 120ml pot, so doesn’t take too much storage space. I think they make lovely present fillers and I will be purchasing more to give to friends!

Thanks to Little Known Box for introducing this brand in their May subscription box.


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