My Little Box review – June

Welcome to L.A.!


This is another, gorgeously designed box. With such beautiful packaging, I find myself carefully opening everything, as to savour it! This is the subscription box that Ii look forward to unboxing the most. This is because they always select a theme and fit they’re products around it. They also don’t reveal any of the items that you receive, so it’s a complete surprise.

Unfortunately, this has been my least favourite box thus far. There seemed to be less items in it than normal, and although they’re cute, I don’t really have a use for stickers. So I was a little annoyed that they were one of the items this month.


Firstly, the box came with a handy tote bag, ideal for the beach. But I did wonder, why this was used as ‘the box’.


An attractively packaged friendship bracelet made a nice fashion addition, but there were no make up products, which I was thoroughly disappointed by.


The best product was the Burt’s Bees face wash. Being a well known and trusted brand I was relieved to receive this. It smells great and is suitable for all skin types.


Each month they include a product from their own My Little Paris range. This month, was a skin and hair oil. It smells nice and comes in a handy travel friendly size. So if you’re hitting the beach, this will help to protect and nourish your skin.


I certainly didn’t feel that this box was value for money and it’s highlight was it’s design. I  just hope next month’s brings back the wow factor.


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