Palmers coconut oil conditioner. 

I have naturally wavy, fine hair. So it literally can’t handle any kind of heat without frizzing or snapping! So any kind of conditioner that comes my way, I’ll use every last drop!

On my first usage of this product, I found that it struggled to moisturise past last night’s hair spray (despite shampooing first!). But the texture was thicker than your regular conditioner and it definately smelt like coconut oil!


On my second attempt, I could feel that it was helping to smooth down my ends – great! However, once dry, my hair felt heavy. It seemed to be greasier and certainly needed a wash quicker than usual. I also felt that my ends didn’t feel nourished at all! Sadly, I didn’t seem to reap the benefits of the protein in coconut oil.

Now this may not be the case of your hair is thicker. Palmers is a great brand, but I do feel that coconut oil is just not suited to fine hair.



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