Little Known Box May Review 

I LOVED this month’s box, even more than last. It had a great mix of products. I do lean more towards makeup products, but whenever they’re mixed with accessories or skin care – I’m  a happy blogger!

Firstly, the Nanshy full size blending brush. Great for applying eye shadow, or my particular preference; highlifgter. Conveniently, this was also provided in a shimmering pink shade. Although a more know brand of Technic, this ‘Get Gorgeous’  product is new to the market. It really does add a pink highlight to your blusher, whilst a silver shimmer which catches the light on your cheek bone. I actually added too much HD powder this weekend and was left looking rather gaunt. So this Pink shimmer really helped to warn me back up. It glides on nicely with the Nanshy Brush, which allows for varying pressures to be applied, depending on where you’re applying! For example, with my eye shadow, I used more pressure to seal the product. But, a simple swish was enough for highlighting.

Next, I must talk about the Betty  Hula Moisturiser. Received the luxurious champagne and spice scent. It definately had a spicier scent than I’m used to with my regular sweet moisturisers, but it smelt so good! So different! Not only that, but it made my skin silky smooth. What lovely packaging too, I’ll be buying more as gifts.

I’m also using the Ooh! Facial oil at night as a sleeping mask.  It contains argan which helps to calm and tone my skin overnight. It can also be used under makeup, which is great of you have dry skin.

I have previously received the Seacret wipes in another subscription box. But this was by no means a disappointment. Because they are just fabulous!

Finally, I must talk about the SpaceMask. A new, up and coming product that has taken Instagram by storm. They come in boxes of 5, for £15. They are self heating and last for about 15 minutes. I loved the design and had been wanting to try one for awhile. I think it was a little too hot for me, but I put this down to my sensitive skin. I would have liked a stronger lavender smell, but I definitely felt more relaxed when I put it on. I will be purchasing a box, as I’m keen to try them when I have a migraine. Perhaps the soothing relaxation will out weigh the heat against my sensitive skin!

As usual, LKB delivered on their elogent packaging and I like that they deliver towards the end of the month. But most of all, they’re products are almost always full size!  Check the.m  out!

£12.45 pm (+p&p) LittleKnownBox


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