Moda Makeup Brushes

Firstly, one cannot miss their amazing, mermaid style design! ‘Prismatic’ or metallic purple with purple and turquoise brushes. I picked up these beauties in an Asda Superstore, they were only £20. I’ve been wanting to try a flat brush for awhile now, so when I saw these, I couldn’t resist! 

Mods is a brand I’ve heard of through Instagram, but in all honesty, I didn’t realise I could purchase in the UK. 

The brushes themselves are fixed on a flexible handle that allows you to use varying degrees of pressure, depending upon what and how you’re applying. I must nightlight here that the brushes are both soft and dense. I was able to apply my liquid foundation to my whole face in just two squirts. The brushes didn’t absorbs the product and blended it perfectly into my skin. I literally said ‘wow’ as I used them! I was even able to use the larger brush to apply powder after using it for foundation, because it hadn’t absorbed any products. 

Each brush is of a different size and has a different purpose; contouring, concealing, blush etc. My only complaint is that the handle on the foundation brush needed to be a little firmer. Purely because this was the heaviest and most used – I wouldn’t want it to snap! 

Needless to say, I will be buying more from this range and brand. They are such good value for money, whilst being stylish and vegan friendly. Plus, who doesn’t love a mermaid design?! 



  1. Oh I actually saw these are my local Asda recently, on offer, but I wasn’t sure whether to get them. I hope they’re still there when I go back because they sound really good. And I agree the design is super pretty!

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