Sadie Cats Cauldron

We’re all familiar with Etsy, but not all of the amazing companies and products that sell through them.

So, I introduce to you Sadie Cats Cauldron. A new, home made beauty products brand. I can’t emphasise enough how personal these products were Each are handmade to order, wrapped and packaged in individual, quirky ways. Even the box they arrived in was hand decorated! I especially loved the hand written note with an ‘S’ black wax seal.

 I firstly tried the soap products (it just so happened we’d ran out that morning!). A jelly soap – similar to that of a popular high street brand. In a bubblegum flavour, It smelt lovely and had a great element of fun to it (check out their Instagram s

Secondly, the Water Element luxury bar soap. This came wrapped in a magical looking blue material and tied with string. This product is only £2.79 and despite the lovely homemade wrapping, looks very professional. It has a wave design and mixes the three colours accordingly. It smells fresh and feels nice on your skin.

One of my favourite products was without a doubt, the bath bombs. It smelt amazing and fizzed for a considerable amount of time. I especially like that ‘Every order comes with a a free handmade bottle charm containing a fresh water pearl of varying colours along side a blessing scroll and matching crystals to promote and represent different properties.’  My bottle in particular was to help encourage love and wisdom. It clips on and off, so can be used as a charm, pendant or ornament. There is a collectable feel to these, which really give the products a USP. From £3.29 each.

Finally, whilst in the bath I applied my sensitive skin French clay mask.

This comes in three colours/skin types and has 2-3 uses per pot (35g). At £2.49 each, all three can be purchased with change left over from £10.00!

It applies nicely, not too thinly and left my skin very smooth. It helped to cleanse any impurities and helped to sooth my redness that had accumulated by the end of the day.

I’ll be sure to try the unicorn bath tea bags next as they are super cute. But for now, I’m going to relax in the bath with the supplied unicorn duck!

You have to check out this magical brand on Instagram too #sadiecatscauldron



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