So, before embarking on the latest teeth whitening craze I naturally searched the web to see if Cocowhite really worked.

Although I was able to find a couple of blogs, the number of celebroties endorsements far outweighed them. Personally, I prefer to trust blogger reviews, but that’s just me. 

So I thought I’d try them for myself and give a real review from a real person.

Although a little pricey for the quantity, delivery was fast and well informed. So far so good.

Day 1.

I warn you now, if you do not warm the sachet until it is fully melted the texture will make you hurl.

After one sachet down I moved onto the next and discovered that holding it under your arm for a minute or two worked nicely!

The suggested 15mins is a long stretch and I only managed 5mins due to jaw ache and generally getting used to having the oil in your mouth.

As for the taste? It’s not horrible!

Though I struggled to see any after effects.

Day 4

I discovered that if you do your daily Cocowhite whilst busy, the 15mins is manageable. For example when preparing food or taking a bath!

I don’t notice that the consistency of the oil changes by the end of the 15minutes (some blogged about feeling the ‘toxins’) and it’s generally fine to spit out with little residue left behind.

I’m beginning to notice a little change but yet to work on the roots.

After completing the trial, results weren’t dramatic and I’m sure that the £2.99 jar of coconut oil in HomeBargains does a similar job. As for the claims Cocowhite reduces headaches? I’m prone to regular headaches and I’ve certainly noticed no changes, but I do hope that in time they do reduce.


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