Do highstreet brands to combat redness/rosacea work? 

When I first suspected I had rosacea, (NHS definition) I desperately searched for over the counter creams to help soothe and calm the redness. Although the internet gave occasional product reviews, they were generally from the company producing them. So, after a few years, ive built up some sort of oppinion of what products are out there and mainly, what worked – well at least for me. 

La Roche-Posay anti rouge was my first point of call. Now, in my early stages, I was expecting a miracle cure and was prepared to pay, frantically trying various creams. Initially, this did not work for me. It was expensive and small in size. I haven’t repurchased, but since having antibiotics to treat the problem, I’d like to revisit this brand for the calming effect. 

A cheaper alternative is the Avène range. I am currently using their anti redness SPF cream too. If you suspect you have rosacea, never leave the house without some form of spf on your face – trust me. 

Generally, the mask is calming, I keep it in the fridge as a bonus cooling agent. However, I don’t feel that it  improves the redness enough to re-purchase. Now perhaps I’m a consumer fool, but any thing with intense or chronic on suggests more powerful remedy. Although not instant, the Avène Antirougeurs Fort does help over a long term use. I use this morning and night in addition to my topical antibiotic and moisturiser and I feel it is making a difference. It the more expensive product in the range, but you get what you pay for and all the products have their own usages. 

Clinique are one of the only beauty brands that I have found that have an exclusive ‘anti-redness’ range. The moisturiser is soothing. So much so, that when in 40° heat in Greece, it was the only thing that helped cool and moisturiser my face well enough to withstand the heat. Sun cream was too thick and warm. I use this moisturiser every day, twice or more. It’s light and keeps my skin hydrated. It could be coincidence, but in the two years I’ve been using it, my dry skin completely cleared up. It’s £40 each time – though I have found it in my local outlet shopping centre for £30. But it’s totally worth it, also, if you time it right, you usually recieve samples and freebie products with your order. 
The Super primer applies nicely and provides an even base to apply onto. It gives a matte finish which I’m a fan of.

The redness solutions daily protective base is where clinique began to let me down. Intitally I thought it would be my goto product. But it clogs and peels, even when using a small amount. It doesn’t blend or mix well onto the surface of the skin and I can never seem to find the correct quantity to use. But, it does have an SPF in it, which the moisturiser doesn’t. 

Clinique also offer a redness solutions powder(RRP £27). This has a yellow tone to it, although it was nice enough, I felt it was expensive for what was really just a powder, which Boots Natural Collection do for £1.99 perfectly well. 

BUT, what is an absolute winner is the redness relief foundation. I use their palest shade of Alabaster (the shades are limeted in this range, I just got lucky it may he’d perfectly). It applies easily, blends with my other products and doesn’t make my skin worse! It’s so light, I forget I’ve got it on. It doesn’t irritate and I honestly couldn’t imagine ever using another foundation again. It lasts for months, despite daily use and this is a definite purchase you should make if you have redness. Again, you often get freebies and samples with your purchases and although pricier than the average high street, you also get the cosmetic service from their clinicians. 

 Lastly, I feel it’s appropriate to  I mention the NYX Photo-Loving primer.

At £10, and one of the only products of its kind around 2 years ago on the high street, I thought I’d struck gold. Now NYX has taken off as a cult brand. But based upon this product, I don’t get it! It had a cheap smell that lingered on your face, almost like melted plastic. Sure, it made a nice based for my foundation, but the green tint did nothing to disguise any of my redness. As a result, it’s sat in my drawer with only the occasional use in the hope that it will one day be an anti-redness primer. I’ll stick to their matte lipsticks I think. 

Ican’t recommend clinique more, but, nothing will be a cure. A trip to the drs is essential to treat the problem. Expect to be told you have acne or psoriasis, but keep pushing and trying each cream until you find one. I have NO bumps on my skin now, only the red pigmentation. Along with my clinique and Avène, my rosacea is definately manageable. 

I hope this has helped any curious fellow rosacea suffers. I’ll keep at my search for the cure! 




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