Shills black face mask 

Ouch! But don’t fear, it’s not THAT bad! 

Nose is barable, chin – not so bad, but cheeks…count to three. 

But does it work? Well, it certainly removed topical dirt or loose skin. I don’t have many blackheads, if any, so it certainly didn’t pull anything gross out like the promotional pictures. 

But, it did smooth my skin. You must apply a thick layer and I mean thick! It takes awhile to dry, but a thin layer won’t grab onto anything. 

But the big thing is to make sure you buy the branded product from Shills. There are many cheap alternatives out there, but ask yourself, why are they cheap? What’s in them that’s going on my skin? Many are made by companies who are jumping on the black mask bandwagon. Be careful! Your skin is sensitive, spend a little more to know that a skin care brand has created the product. 

I’m still working on persuading my boyfriend to try… 


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