Glossybox UK May 

This month’s Glossy arrived in the iconic pink box (perfect for drawer dividers by the way!)

Dr Paw Paw makes an appearance in this month’s edit. For those of you who haven’t heard – this is THE wonder product. It does everything. Hair, brows, hands, face, lips, the works. It smooths stray hairs, moisturises lips, primes the face for makeup and is a great handcream and cutical softener! Finally, if you’re travelling, it can soothe bites and stings.  It’s not tested on animals and is fragrance free. My group of testers all tried a different area of focus and all reported positive results. ‘Don’t leave home without it’ is an understatement. This product is versatile and transportable, 10/10.

Secondly, the body scrub all subscribers receive looks great and works great too! It exfoliates and buffs the skin. I was curious about the bamboo and cucumber scent – but it works! So thanks Scrublove.IMG_20170511_202600_891I used the Ruby blush as part of my daily makeup this week. It blends well and doesn’t stain. With rosacea, I have to be careful how much redness I add to my face, but this was subtle, without blotching.

£13.25 per month (including postage) 

Get 50% off your first box here!



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