My Little Box 

French lifestyle beauty delivered to the UK!  

I absolutely adore the detail that they put into their packaging. Every product is thought through and matches a given theme; this month’s was ‘Friday Night’s. Even the advice slip came in a cute envelope! The hair clip had it’s own ribbon tied package and the bow had a presentation box. What’s more, is that again this month they provided a travel sized pouch/bag. Which is great for putting personal items in, in your handbag! 

Now the eyeliner. Wow! I’m usually a liquid or gel kind of girl, but this kohl is the softest I’ve ever tried. It went on so smoothly and without any pressure. It really was applied with a flick of the wrist! It’s full sized and has a blending sponge on the end. 

I’ve been wanting to try the triangular hair piece for awhile now, so I got very giddy when I saw it in the box. It held my hair in all day (excuse the stray piece!) 

A lovely little non-makeup treat which is what makes this box so unique. It gives you lifestyle products too – including coasters! 

The only product I don’t have a use for (yet!) Is the bra bow. But it’s just an excuse to buy a low backed dress!

 If this is what life is like in Paris, then take me there now. 


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