Birchbox May 

Loving the marble design on the box!

It’s adopted the usual pull out draw style (we won’t talk about March’s box…) Which is great for storing and stacking.

Without a doubt, my favourite product from this edit is the Beauty Protector volumising spray. Now let’s be clear, I have wavy, somewhat frizzy, thin hair(you’re jealous right?) So, I was surprised when I recieved a volumiser rather than a de-frizzer. But, this controlled my volume! It had bounce and lift in the roots that wasn’t due to heat styling. It was easy enough to apply and didn’t leave a heavy residue. The smell is amazing. I still can’t put my finger on what it reminds me of, but it’s so sweet and fragrant that I found myself sniffing my hair all day. It’s also a heat protection spray, so an all around winner.

As I renewed my subscription, I received another sleek compact pallette. But luckily, in another shade. ‘All day soiree’ provided lighter tones that blended well on my eyes.

As I have rosacea, sometimes it’s difficult to tell what triggers a flare up. So after using Doux Me Pure Spring Water spray I was surprised that my skin felt more irritated than cooled or calmed. I couldn’t say if it was the product that caused it or bad timing, but it did sit on my skin for quite awhile, unlike Mount Pourious, which absorbed instantly.

The Marsk eyeshadow that everyone receives (I chose the vanilla frosting) applies quite thinly. This allows for layering and blending, it lasts and stays put too.
£12.95 per month (including postage)

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